Lazy days – still my fave

Sleep-in this morning! A completely rocking sleep-in. My back has really, really started bothering me in the last week, but I have worked out it hurts less if I sleep on my stomach. So I was quite rested when I finally got up. We went for a breakfast baguette and to book our tickets to Holyhead, before Sean went off exploring and I retired to the hostel to chill out.

Oh! And I am no longer backpacking around Europe. I am suitcasing, 70 hard earned pounds later. My back was really frustrating me, so I turfed my pack and went to M&S and bought a suitcase on wheels, that will hopefully help my back heal.

We went to a pub for dinner that had half-price everything on Mondays, and then went to Chippy Alley to get chips with curry sauce. I’ve wanted to eat these in Wales since the characters on Gavin & Stacey debated their appeal. They were quite nice! Gravy’s better though…

I really like Cardiff. It’s a pretty city, but it seems very quiet compared to a lot of other places. The people are friendly and there seem to be a lot of retirees. I could easily stay here a lot longer – maybe one day I will! We need to be up at 6am to catch our train to Holyhead tomorrow. Ew. Until then, readers! xx


We shared the dorm with a really lovely couple from Barcelona last night, and we were up in plenty of time to check out this morning. That was partially because I had another crappy nights sleep due to my back, but I think I have worked out why it hurts the most in the mornings. While Sean went off in a fruitless beer-hunt for that uber-special beer he wanted to buy before we left Scotland, Dad called my from church and I got to speak to loads of people! Gee, it was nice to hear some voices from home, and nice to catch up on what everyone has been doing. It’s hard to remember the cogs are still turning away as normal for everyone when you’re in the midst of travelling. It’s a surreal experience. We then hopped on a train to Crewe and then one to Cardiff. This took a big chunk of the day, but I got two novels read: War Horse and The Abortionist’s Daughter – two extremely different books, but both very good reads. By the time we got to Cardiff it was quite late in the afternoon and after getting a wee bit lost, we eventually found our hostel. The riverfront of Cardiff is really pretty and it was so nice to arrive in a city that wasn’t bursting with people. It strikes me as quite a quiet place and I really, really like that. We had noodles for dinner and I chucked heaps of vegies and tofu into mine, which was a nice change from burgers and chips! Now we are back at the hostel just chilling out and enjoying not having to rush off to do anything.