Bláa lónið (Blue Lagoon)

We saw the Northern Lights! They weren’t bright, but they were definitely there. My phone camera couldn’t capture them, so the photos below are from Jules and Damon. It was freezing and quiet and perfect. They show up a bit brighter and greener on the photos than they do to the naked eye, but it was an experience I will never forget.

Breakfast was eggs and skyr, an Icelandic yoghurt-type product that is crazy good. My favourite is the lemony one. We left our nice place in Borgarnes and headed to Arkanes for a quick coffee and a sticky-beak. We then drove to Grindavik for lunch – finally, some fish in Iceland!

Then it was on to the Blue Lagoon! Yes, it’s a tourist-y experience, and yes, it was amazing! It’s not cheap, but the basic fee includes entry, use of a locker, and a silica face mask (bring your own towel!). You can enter through a warm pool that runs from inside to outside, or you can brave the icy air and enter via the door, walking across the icy ground to the pool. It was utterly bizarre and wonderful. It was so misty and foggy that you could not see the opposite end of the lagoon, and when the weather did clear, you could see the mounds of snow on the banks. Meanwhile, you are toasty and warm and comfortable in a pool about 37 degrees Celsius. There is a swim-up bar, also a swim-up kiosk to get your face masks, multiple little bridges and rocky shelves to sit and relax, as well as a waterfall, a steam room, and a sauna. For extra money you can receive in-water treatments including massages and extra things like bathrobes and complimentary drinks, but the basic fee was enough for us. I paid extra for a sparkling strawberry wine and a banana skyr smoothie with the nifty wristband they give you for such transactions. I didn’t bring my phone in, so the following photos are from Jules.

We left the lagoon after a couple of hours, thoroughly tired and possibly a little dehydrated (drink lots of water, guys), and drove back to Reykjavik. While looking for our accommodation, I slipped and fell down a flight of icy steps and felt like an idiot and will have one impressive bruise tomorrow. But we then went out for dinner – a wonderful Japanese chicken salad – and cheap mojitos, so that helped. Reykjavik is beautiful at night!

Tomorrow is our last full day, and Jules and Damon fly to Norway. This week has gone so fast, and our bank accounts are suffering, but it’s been wonderful. One more day to explore Reykjavik!