After a pretty decent nights sleep, we were served a delicious breakfast with homemade everything, including goose eggs. Delicious start to the day! I also found this website that tells us a bit more about where we’re staying. We then headed down to Frodsham for an explore, stopping to admire the cutest little red telephone box that has been converted into a community noticeboard and tiny library. At Frodsham we walked up and down the main street, reading all the little heritage notices on beautiful cottages and buildings.

Frodsham cottage
There is even a building with an actual thatched roof. The town symbol is the bumblebee and there are carvings all around the town and also actual specimens flying around occasionally, and my goodness they are the Hindenberg of bees. Like the size of a small fist. The spire of the Trinity Methodist Church has been saved from demolition, and in the ruins of the church behind it, there have been apartments built. Would be a very cool place to live.
Entrance to the apartment block.
I walked right down to the Castle Park gardens and made friends with the volunteer staff lady in the Arts Centre, who had been to Melbourne and was really interested to hear about my trip. She told me a bit about the history of Castle Park, so hopefully I can pop back there before we have to leave. Then we all met up again and drove to Chester, where we walked through the Chester Cathedral gift shop, ate our lunch in Abbey Square, and happened upon an annual performance of Morris dancers. After that weirdness, we met up with Belinda, Andrew and Lucia! I haven’t seen them since my 2012 trip and it was great to catch up. We had tea (gingerbread hot chocolate for me) and then walked the city walls of Chester. I did this back in 2007 with Belinda, Andrew, Lucia and Alfie, but I’d forgotten a lot, and it was really lovely to do it again.
Chester City Walls
Lucia and I on the bridge in 2007.
Lucia and I on the bridge in 2014
Marnie and I had a quick squiz in Chester Cathedral and caught the end of Evensong, and then Mum drove us back to Frodsham and we’ve just finished dinner. I’m hoping to stay up a little later tonight!

Trafford Centre and Frodsham

Okay, so after our airport breakfast, we got on the free bus that drives you across the terminals to the car rental village. Even just stepping out of the airport doors into that crisp, English air was exhilarating, because to me (and perhaps this is just because I’m a tourist), everything seems so quintessentially British, and brings me right back to some of my best travel memories. We also passed bunny rabbits eating airport grass while we were on the bus, so that helped.

We picked up the car and drove to the beautiful Trafford Centre, which is pretty much like a really classy and pretty version of Chadstone. There’s lots of high-end, boutique retail, and I felt particularly yuck as I slobbed through in my clothes that I had been in since Melbourne, but I managed to sort out my SIM card, get some lunch, get some groceries and essentials, and have a good stickybeak around some of the more beautiful parts of the Centre. Mum showed us the food court which is modelled on New Orleans, with all the beautiful frescoes and facades serving as shop fronts. There is lovely mosaic and different types of design and architecture throughout the building – it really was something different.

Afterwards we drove to Frodsham, our home for the next three nights. Frodsham is a village close to Chester, and we’re staying at Yarrangall B&B, which is about 3 miles outside the village on a farm. It is GORGEOUS. Even driving through Frodsham had the three of us sighing and exclaiming over the most mundane things which became utterly enchanting when viewed through the lens of a charming English village. The B&B is surrounded by tiny country lanes and paddocks full of horses. There is a huge duck pond with a resident flock of geese, and the owners of the B&B run the small farm themselves and make jams and chutneys and sauces to sell. We have our own little studio flat, two rooms with three beds, a bathroom and tea and coffee making facilities. I am already thinking about coming back here later on in my travels.

It is 8.15pm and Marnie and Mum are already asleep. I am pretty knackered myself, so I’ll wrap up this blog entry for now, but I hope to post many pics of Yarrangall and Frodsham tomorrow, now that I’ve unearthed my camera from my luggage. Until then xxx