After a long day of travel, involving track work, replacement buses, and delayed trains, we reached Julie’s apartment in Aalborg. The trains were comfy and the wifi was free and I got lots of writing done, so it wasn’t so much of a difficult day, but my goodness was it a relief to arrive to a house full of old and new friends! Mads, Karina, and Rasmus, who we met with Julie in Japan, as well as Julie’s fella Henrik and her housemate Jakob were all present. The apartment is BEAUTIFUL, roomy and spacious, and they’ve been so kind in letting us stay. We ate tortillas and talked a LOT, late into the night until I was almost falling asleep where I sat. A brilliant evening to start our time in Aalborg!


This morning we bought more of our new favourite breakfast food – Koldskål and kammerjunkere, a sort of sour, lemony milk with crushed biscuits that you drench in it like cereal. It tastes AWESOME. Then we headed off to the university where all our Aalborg friends met to study medialogy. All along the road to the uni were people of all types soaking up the crazy weather. Ice creams, bikinis, everything. Denmark barely ever sees weather like this at this time of year. We met more lovely people at the uni and saw this gorgeous new campus that sits along the river and has beautiful views and huge, open-plan group spaces for the students to create their awesome projects. Sean and I even tested a game for Mads and Rasmus that they have built for one of their assignments. We found a great sandwich shop for lunch, and then Julie, Sean, Karina, and I headed off on a mini pub crawl just to sample some of Aalborg’s venues. We ended up on Jomfru Ane Gade, Denmark’s biggest party street, but it was thankfully not busy, and we sat in the shade and drank ciders while we chatted. THEN we joined Julie’s mates for a grill (what we in Aus would call a charcoal BBQ) and sat in the warm evening air on a long picnic table with about twenty other people who were taking a night off in the midst of crunch time at university. By the time we headed home, we had just enough time to watch the new ep of Game of Thrones and for me to write this blog. And now, to bed. For tomorrow, we venture to Skagen!