Home again!

We’re back in beautiful Edinburgh but I will miss lovely Iceland! Our last day was spent sleeping in (I know, I know, but we were super tired!) and then once we’d checked out, we went to Prikið, the oldest coffee house in Iceland, for breakfast. We went for a quick walk along the shore to see the Sólfar sculpture, but it was exceedingly quick because it was raining sideways again!

After two buses, a flight, a tram, and another bus, we are back in our apartment in Leith. It was a thoroughly wonderful week, full of experiences that I will treasure forever. The really touristy things like the Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle, the Northern Lights, and the beach at Reynisfjara were all brilliant. They are well worth doing! But the other bits, the tiny towns, the Icelandic food, catching up with Jules & Damon and driving through the endless landscape was just as special. My advice to anyone going is to bring more money than you think you will need – it’s not fun to be on a teeny tiny budget in a country this expensive because you tend to be constantly missing out on things. And read Burial Rites before you go! Next time, I plan to do the northern region of the country. And maybe it would be nice to go in summer….

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