From one end of Denmark to the other!

I am writing this in Copenhagen, on the top bunk in our hostel dorm. It has been a long and lovely day, beginning with waking up in wonderful Skagen. We wandered into the town centre after breakfast and poked around in the shops. Like the Mornington Peninsula, there are plenty of little galleries and shops selling local handicrafts that are simply beautiful – stupid RyanAir and their baggage restrictions! I could have spent a fortune there. Afterwards, Torben made us rødspættefilet for lunch (delicious breaded plaice that the Danes do as their standard fish and chips, eaten as an open sandwich with the dark rye bread and some remoulade). I ate way too much, but it was impossible to resist!

We said farewell to Torben and took the train back to Aalborg where we picked up the rest of our luggage and said farewell to Julie! We have been so, so lucky to have Julie take us around. Her parents and grandfather and roommates were all lovely, opening their homes to us and cooking us delicious food, and all this because we met at a hostel in Tokyo! This is why travel is the best thing in the world. It’s only a temporary farewell though – we are sure to be back to Denmark, and we have insisted that Julie come to Edinburgh (and Melbourne when we are home!)

We bussed to Aalborg airport where we took the shortest flight of our lives (30 mins to Copenhagen), before we took the train back to Central Station. We grabbed a bite to eat at a place called Sunset Boulevard (I know, right?), and made our way to the Copenhagen Downtown Hostel. It seems to be a nice enough place. If I had a touch more energy (and money) I’d go down to the bar for a drink. But it is time for sleep, and tomorrow we have one last day in Copenhagen before we fly back to Scotland. We have to be up to meet Paulina, our mate from Sweden! She lives in Melbourne now, but by pure coincidence, she is headed home temporarily and will be stopping in Copenhagen tomorrow! (We originally met Paulina on a tour in Sydney, once more proving that travel is the bomb). Nighty night xx

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