We all slept in a lot this morning, which made our breakfast of Danish bacon and scrambled eggs even better. Then Julie, Sean and I headed into Hillerød for a walk around the town. Being Sunday, a lot of the shops were closed, but we still found plenty to browse. We bought a huge pile of Danish sweets to sample, including Turkish pepper (a boiled sweet that tastes of liquorice and chilli), chocolate with liquorice cream and chocolate with rum cream and caramel, a frozen cream Kinder chocolate dealio, and some weird drinks. We visited the library in Hillerød, which is a public library that allows access when it isn’t staffed through a keycard system. It’s a wonderful-looking library, with a colourful, fun kids section and animal shaped steps so they can see over the library counter!!! Then we walked all around the lake surrounding Frederiksborg Slot, which was utterly beautiful.

There was a friendly housecat, a bunch of ducks, ducklings, geese, and goslings, and plenty of people out enjoying the sunshine. We stopped at the supermarket on the way home and then joined Henriette for lunch with some delicious Danish rye bread and various toppings. I even tried (and enjoyed) herrings, though I did wash them down the traditional way with ice-cold schnapps. We finished up with flødebolle, a chocolate and marshmellow fluff confection, and then spent a few blissful hours digesting in the sun. A lazy, hygge night followed with past Eurovision highlights, Youtube videos of stupid politicians, lots of laughs and stories, and a delicious Danish meal of frikadeller (meatballs made from pork and veal) and potato salad. We have been so lucky to stay with Palle and Henriette, and will definitely be back to bother them someday!



2 thoughts on “Hillerød

  1. How cool was the Eurovision special?!?! The one with Graham Norton yes? Mum and I loved it, probably the only thing that would have made it better was watching it in Denmark!


    1. No it wasn’t the Graham Norton special, though I’m sure that was good! Julie and her parents just showed us Youtube clips of all the infamous performances!


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