Tourists again!

Today, we were tourists for the first time in our adopted city. We have been to Edinburgh before, for several days in 2012. I also went for a single day in 2007 with my bosom chum, Alfie. I love this city. I love the architecture, the history, the sound of the accents, I even love the dreadful weather, which we experienced in full force today (okay, there was only a little bit of rain, but the wind was crazy). I love this city so much, we decided to move here. So far, all we’ve done is high-five ourselves. It’s brilliant.


The beautiful puppy we are dog-sitting was looked after today by a friend of her owner’s, who has known her since she was tiny and regularly comes over to spend time with her. This was great for the dog, who was ecstatic to see a familiar face, and great for us, as we were able to spend the whole day stomping around the Old Town. We started with the Sandemans Free Tour that we have done before and is consistently excellent, and then in the afternoon we did the Castle Tour as well (same company), almost being blown into the Firth of Forth from atop the rock. It’s great seeing these places, knowing we can come back anytime. You don’t feel rushed or pressured to take everything in, and you can make regular stops for hot drinks and shelter from the weather.

After another malt, a snoop around a second-hand bookshop, and a cheeky cider, we are back in the warm apartment, cooking dinner, playing with the dog, and watching telly. Tomorrow will be a more placid day – job applications and apartment inspections to follow up – but we met some great people today and will hopefully catch up with them again over the next few days. This is what travel is all about – a mix of people and experiences, and plenty of time to recharge before the next lot of adventures.


One thought on “Tourists again!

  1. Awesome Em. So glad you played tourists and fell in love with Edinburgh again – although it sounds like you never fell out! Good luck with the job applications – I hope a library snaps you up!


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