Good morning, Edinburgh!

Finally, in Edinburgh. The place we hope to make our home! We farewelled Liverpool and our friends there on Friday and took two trains and a long bus ride to get to Scotland’s capital. The ride, while lengthy, was incredibly scenic – until, of course, the sun went down. I think the night sky is blacker up here. It’s brilliant.

When we arrived last night, we took a taxi from the main train station for about ten minutes. We are staying in a beautiful part of Edinburgh about a half hour walk from the castle, surrounded by coffee shops and parks and lovely-looking houses. We are lucky enough to be dog-sitting a six-month-old Labradoodle puppy named Duffy, so we’ve spent the last 24 hours getting acquainted! Duffy’s owners don’t leave until tomorrow, so they’ve been feeding us and showing us around the area and just generally being super helpful regarding job-hunting and house-hunting. This morning we hopped out of bed and it was SNOWING!! Real snow, falling like leaves, making everything look like a bloody Christmas card. It was just perfect. We’ve taken the dog for a massive walk in said snow, which sort of turned sleety and rainy after a bit, so we stopped for delicious lunches and the best coffee we have found so far.




We have the week ahead of us, with no commitments except for looking after Duffy and her routine. I anticipate lots of job applications, maybe rental applications, lots of walks and stops for hot drinks and food, lots of reading and writing and staying indoors where it’s warm. I’m feeling pretty damn pleased with our decision to pick Edinburgh.



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