Assignment writing does not a particularly riveting day make

But it’s pretty much done! I slept in a smidgen, then got up, ate something, did homework, showered, did more homework, then went for a walk with Marnie. This time we actually made it to Sacre Coeur and it’s beautiful views of the city, though it was still quite crowded. But it was a good walk, with lots of stops for souvenir shopping and admiring all the different artwork for sale in Montmartre. We bought a fresh, hot baguette, a couple more groceries, and an absolutely delightful mille-feuille pastry which turned out to be the best kind of vanilla slice. Then home again! More homework, a powernap, another walk down to check out where the post office was and to stop and sample some tea at a fancy gourmet tea store. Home! Homework! Then the sweet relief of finishing something that you have been dreading for some time. I have not submitted it yet because I may tweak a couple of things in the next few days, but it is safe and sound and there, and I don’t need to jump the hurdle of actually writing the damn thing again. Phew. So now I’m relaxing for the rest of the night!

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